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    • Pool Analyses: Complete on-site review of existing swimming pool structure, water filtration and sanitation system, facility compliance of Fedral, State and Local requirements. Field report includes complete analyses along with recommendations for solutions and amenity upgrades.
    • Aquatic Consultation: We work with you and your architect to provide the proper budget, product specification and project drawings necessary to bid your project and to ensure sucessful outcome.
    • PVC Membrane Systems: Custom fit, 60mil reinforce PVC membrane systems are tough, flexible, durable and come with a warranty of up to 15 years. This surfacing eliminates leaks, reduces chemical consumption and maintenance responsibilities while providing the bathers with a comfortable and enjoyable surface.
    • PVC Membrane Repairs: We also service and repair existing membrane systems. Bedrock Aquatic Services is authorized by most major manufactures of PVC membranes allowing service work on membranes still under warranty.
    • PVC Membrane Training: If you are currently a swimming pool contractor and would like to have additional source of revenue, we can train your technicians to install the custom fit membranes.
    • Stainless Steel Perimeter Overflow Systems: These overflow systems eliminate the need for buried piping while effeciently circulating the filtered water. Eliminate the need for excating to repair broken cirulation header piping.
    • Filtration Solutions: Regardless of the size or current filtration plant you have we will ensure that the filtration system is efficient and funcitoning properly and have mulitple solutions to serve your specific needs and preferences.
    • Virginia Graeme Baker Act: We can evaluate and ensure that your facility is current with all Federal, State and Local requirements to meet the new standards. 
    • Request a quote: Tell us a little about your facility and we will provide you a quote promptly.